SomeWords on the Project / Carsten Nichte

I started the project The Silent City in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and continued it until today. After various lockdowns in the streets made it quiet, my attention has turned to the landscape of the city. It has not yet emerged what the Series will ultimately be about.

The Silent City also has a name: Bergisch Gladbach, a small, indistinguishable city next to the metropolis of Cologne. I can see the place struggling against entropy, but basically it can't win. The eternally clean, tidy cityscape, the idyll, remains a utopia. But the fact that both exist side by side makes for an interesting tension for me. For me, this is a symbol of life. What I perceive and photograph in the city is ultimately only a reflection of me. So Bergisch Gladbach is certainly not beautiful, but still lovable. Simply home.

I will be publishing the complete series here step by step. 

Work from this will appear in the Streetphotography Book Zwischenzeit 2 — Normalität, which I am currently working on. 

I offer some fineart prints from the series in my shop.