Welcome to my virtual identitiy. Here you find all most of my stuff… :-)

I’ve been on the Internet since 1994, and I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I don’t know if I’m already considered a web junkie with all this stuff? In any case, it’s all somehow important to me and - as I’ve learned - forms part of my virtual identity. You can also think of it as my digital garden . On that note… Have fun browsing!

Photography / Projects

I am a photographer, and therefore this website is about photography, with portfolio, blog, etc.

All my little Photography Projects that hopefully want to grow to handsome books one day.

  • Anderland – Conceptual photography project, surrealisms.
  • Binary Voids – Virtual Photography Projekt.
  • Echo Chamber – A photography project about depression.
  • The Silent City – A photography project about urban landscapes - especially Bergisch Gladbach.
  • Zwischenzeit – My Streetphotography Project.
  • Traces – My project about genealogy.


I make mostly books from my Photography, but I also love to do Finartprints. All that stuff you find in the Shop above. I also have build some nice Landingpages for some of them.

Software Applikations - Home to some of the apps I develop, including…

  • Art.Works – The catalog raisonné app - Art.Works supports you in curating, organizing and managing your artistic or other works or any other collections.

  • LiveStories App für iOS - A digital diary - in preparation.

Docs – Special topics

I often take some Notes and collect Informations on all kind of stuff - including photography and art topics, and I do it in public, so you can participate - but be aware it is written in German…

  • Docs – HypoMnema / Notebook

My small, well-maintained, public, private collection of knowledge with articles, research, logs, instructions, essays, etc. on various topics. You can also see it as a kind of non-linear notebook, a digital garden or whatever.

  • Copterwork – on HypoMnema. In short: We are building a heavy-duty Y6 multicopter, and this is extensively documented here.
  • Der Mate X Bike Guide – on HypoMnema. Mate-X bike conversion, alternatives to the Mate X bike, and other things from the bike workshop.
  • Kursbuch Selbstverteidigung ESV- auf HypoMnema. Course bookSV- Basic knowledge on violence prevention, self-assertion, self-defense and many other topics in this area.

Social Media and other Profiles

Binary Voids Projekt – Virtual Photography

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