Welcome to my virtual identitiy. Here you find all most of my stuff… :-)

I’ve been on the Internet since 1994, and I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I don’t know if I’m already considered a web junkie with all this? In any case, it’s all somehow important to me and - as I’ve learned - forms part of my virtual identity. You can also think of it as my digital garden . On that note… Have fun browsing!

I am a photographer, and therefore this website is about photography, with portfolio, blog, etc. I would like to recommend some content on my website:

Photography / Projects

All my little Photography Projects that hopefully want to grow to handsome books one day.


Conceptual photography project, surrealisms.

Binary Voids

This is my Virtual Photography Projekt.

Echo Chamber

A photography project about depression.

The Silent City

A photography project about urban landscapes - especially Bergisch Gladbach.


This is my Streetphotography-Project.


I make mostly books from my Photography, but I also love to do Finartprints . I also have build some nice Landingpages for some of them.



The bowel cancer diary, links to Claudia's memorial page.


A small book with thoughts, poems and stories.

Software Applikations

Home to some of the apps I develop, including…


The catalog raisonné app - Art.Works supports you in curating, organizing and managing your artistic or other works or any other collections.

LiveStories App für iOS

A digital diary - in preparation.

Docs – Special topics

I often take some Notes and collect Informations on all kind of stuff - including photography and art topics, and I do it in public, so you can participate - but be aware it is written in German…

Docs - My HypoMnema / Notebook

My small, well-maintained, public, private collection of knowledge with articles, research, logs, instructions, essays, etc. on various topics. You can also see it as a kind of non-linear notebook, a digital garden or whatever.

I would like to highlight a few chapters in particular:


In short: We are building a heavy-duty Y6 multicopter, and this is extensively documented here.

Der Mate X Bike Guide

Mate-X bike conversion, alternatives to the Mate X bike, and other things from the bike workshop.

Kursbuch Selbstverteidigung

KursbuchSV - Basic knowledge on violence prevention, self-assertion, self-defense and many other topics in this area.

Social Media and other Profiles


Instagram: carsten.nichte

My Photography on Instagram.

Binary Voids

Instagram: binary_voids

My virtual Photography on Instagram.

Twitter: Binary_Void

My virtual Photography on Twitter.

Tumblr: binaryvoids

My virtual Photography on Tumblr.

Flickr: binaryvoids

My virtual Photography on Flickr.

General Art

Instagram: carsten.nichte.drawings

Everything except photography.

General Topics

Self Publishers

More about Photography

Source Code Repositorys

Philipp Nichte

Philipp makes electronic music.

Maximilian Nichte

Maximilian does all sorts of things, so here are some selected projects.

Joachim Nichte

Artist with focus on painting.

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