I’m in the process of devel­op­ing some apps, espe­cial­ly my dig­i­tal Diary LifeSto­ries for iOS, and the Great Ideas  Word­Press Plu­g­in. They are begin­ning to need a dig­i­tal home. Voila! Click to find out more

I have devel­oped a few apps and plug-ins for my own use in the past and have now decid­ed to bring them into the world and pub­lish them. This will be done step by step over the course of this year (2021). It’s too bad to let them gath­er dust in the archive. 

Life Stories

Will be a diary app for iOS — iPhone and iPad. 

Great Ideas

Will be a Word­Press plu­g­in for cap­tur­ing fea­ture requests with voting. 


This becomes a Guten­berg Block for fan­cy Cur­ricu­lum Vitae (CV) things. 

FAK Laufzettel

Stu­den­tis­ch­er Laufzettel durch ein Studi­um. Das ist ein Kir­by Plugin.

My Quotes

Kurz und knapp: Eines der vie­len Plu­g­ins das Zitate präsentiert.

My Happening

Ein klein­er Timer, der Zeit­in­ter­valle zu Ereignis­sen berechnet.