SomeWords on the Project / Carsten Nichte

About The Freedom Of Travel

The works in this series were created between 2010 and 2020. In Anderland, among other things, I repeatedly take up the subject of mourning and the feeling of being a stranger in this world. It is about the aftermath of traumatic, life-changing events; about ruptures; about departure. The images are often linked to texts I have collected in the book Tidal Currents. In my search, I explore photographic space, oscillating between romantic kitsch, and abysmal blackness, between opulence and minimalism, between subtle and “fist on eye”.  Following the Magical Realism of the 1920s — I mix surrealism with representational scenarios. The human being is always at the centre, because it is all about his inner feelings, sometimes more sometimes less subtle, sometimes with a wink, and always very personal, as life is. The images are often linked to texts — for example Insomnia — which I collect in the book Gezeitenströme. I have turned the series into a final book, which you can preview in my shop

I will be publishing the complete series here step by step. 

I offer some fineart prints from the series in my shop.